Mobile Advertising

This course covers basic and advanced concepts of mobile advertising campaign, including ad formats, bidding and targeting and campaign measurement and optimization.

All Courses Idea

Mobile overview

  • Impact of Mobile and Consumer Behavior
  • Mobile trends
  • Ways consumers make decisions
  • How mobile can fulfill advertisers' objectives
  • How to promote an app
  • How to drive calls
  • How to drive online leads/sales
  • How to drive store sales
  • Build awareness
  • Google selling points
  • The importance of a mobile website
  • Basic requirements on mobile site
  • App design and launch play insights

Bidding and targeting

  • About Mobile bid adjustment
  • Introduction to Keyword Planner
  • Targeting
  • Mobile- specific bidding strategies
  • Remarketing

Mobile ad formats

  • Types of Network overview: Display, Search, YouTube
  • Mobile Ad extensions
  • Mobile Ad Formats
  • Mobile display
  • Interstitial/video
  • Mobile App promotion
  • Mobile App engagement

Measurement and optimization of Mobile Campaign

  • How to measure Mobile campaign
  • Difference between mobile Adwords and desktop Adwords
  • How to Measure mobile success
  • How to track mobile app conversion
  • How to track Call conversion through mobile app
  • Mobile analytics with third parties
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Types of Reports