Mobile Sites

This exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing mobile websites

All Courses Idea

Why Mobile Sites Matter

Review the importance of mobile speed and user design.

  • Basics of mobile sites
  • User expectations
  • Impact on conversions and interaction
  • Why UX matters
  • Discoverability

Improve Mobile Site Speed

Learn about how to improve mobile site speed and test it.

  • Tools to get started
  • Understanding low bandwidth and high latency
  • Targets to focus on
  • Critical rendering path
  • Constructing the document object mode
  • The render tree
  • The layout
  • Analysing the entire CRP in dev tools
  • Optimising the critical rendering path
  • Optimise content efficiency
  • Eliminating unnecessary downloads
  • Optimising encoding and transfer size
  • Image optimisation
  • Webfont optimisation
  • HTTP Caching

Create An Effective Mobile UX

Learn about user experience and design principles for mobile sites.

  • UX principles
  • Assess your mobile site
  • Learn what makes a good mobile site
  • Mobile site design best practices
  • Homepage and site navigation
  • Site search
  • Commerce and conversions
  • Form entry
  • Usability and form factor
  • Testing and measuring success
  • A/B testing
  • Measuring success with Google Analytics and metrics to focus on

Advanced Web Technologies

Get an introduction to advanced web technologies.

  • Introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • What is AMP
  • How AMP works
  • Introduction to Progressive Web Apps
  • Why build PWAs
  • Introduction to the app shell architecture
  • Introduction to service workers
  • User engagement and APIs
  • Intro to web push and notifications
  • Payment integration

About Online Advertising And Sales Skills

Learn about the benefits of online advertising, AdWords fundamentals and client-centric sales skills.

  • What’s Included In This Study Guide
  • Online Advertising & AdWords Fundamentals
  • AdWords shows ads to the right people, at right place, in right time and is integral constituent of online advertising.